Auto Locksmith Services

You may never know that you will need automotive locksmith services until the day that you’re standing in the rain locked out of your vehicle, or when you’re running late for an important meeting, but DML Locksmith Services will be there! There is no need to smash a window or call a tow truck to get home any longer; a professional automotive locksmith service will be there when you need it.

Today’s cars are designed with numerous electronic brains, known as control units, that monitor and regulate one or more systems or subsystems. Each control unit manages dozens of vehicle functions including power steering, dynamic traction control, entertainment systems, and cruise control. These controls units are powered by sophisticated software that not only regulates system operations and tracks faults as they occur, but can also receive software updates, similar to how a computer or a smartphone receive updates.

Do you need a spare car key? You don’t have to go to the main dealer for replacement keys. With one call to TLS Security Systems, you can have a new key in no time. Using the latest electronic cloning devices, we are able to reproduce your transponder key quickly and efficiently. You can drop your key into our trade counter where it can be read, programmed and duplicated while you wait. Prices can vary depending on the type of vehicle and start at £40 plus VAT.