Transmission and Clutch Repair

When your transmission or clutch has issues, get a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. Whether you drive a car or an SUV, an evaluation from AutoMechanica is the best way to get your car back to 100%.

From a simple sensor service to a clutch adjustment to a full transmission overhaul, our expert mechanics have the skills to pinpoint the problem and fix any issues before they get out of hand.

Time takes a toll on every vehicle. Every part of your vehicle would require repair or replacement at certain times. MFCS offers a comprehensive range of Car repair and replacement services to ensure that you face minimum inconveniences if your vehicle starts causing problems.

In these unfortunate and unforeseen situations where your car breaks down and stops functioning properly, experts at MFC Services can provide the care your car needs. The trained technicians at MFCS cater to more than numerable types of types of repairs and services from more than 315 car workshops spread across India.